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IMPORTANT Information Regarding Disaster Recovery from Monroe, LA

Mayor Holland of Oak Grove, La met with officials from the City of Monroe on advice to give our local constituents who have sustained damage in this week’s weather event. The following information from a Monroe Insurance Agency is what we were advised to share with you. Also please be sure to take pictures of ANY damage you may have and save any receipts of expenditures that resulted from the disaster.

Attention citizens: many that have been affected by the flood whether you have flood insurance or not, need to perform some of the following mitigation tips...

1) FEMA and flood adjusters are going to make sure you have tried to mitigate your damage before claim payments, so any cleanup you can do....do it asap!

2) Bleach and clear water is the best method to begin cleaning water.

3) Remove any wet carpet immediately.

4) Mop flooring surfaces with bleach and water as soon as you are able to get back in home

5) If there is minimal water damage, clean baseboards, base of walls and cabinets with bleach and water.

6) Take box fans throughout the house, turn ac on, and open windows to dry out home. Also open any lower cabinets to ensure complete dry out.

7) Wipe bases of furniture down immediately with furniture polish or Murphy’s Oil soap.

8) Inventory all personal items in the house that were damaged including ages, brand and model numbers of items.

9) Photo items before discarding them

10) Contact FEMA at 800-621-FEMA to file claim or request FEMA Aid relief

11) Document hours spent with cleanup with all persons that assisted.

For those households experiencing feet of water:

1) Use tips 1-11

2) Contact a water extraction company to help dry out floors and walls. They will install dehumidifiers, blowers and apply microbial germicide to prevent mold and mildew.

3) Cut 4 ft of drywall and remove from home. This will include baseboards and flooring. This will also prevent further mold and mildew damage from rest of the home.

4) Those households with paneling only.....still cut 4 ft of the paneling although, flood adjusters will pay for paneling from floor to ceiling.

5) If a water extraction company is not available.....still follow step 6!!!!

WARNING: DO NOT JUST LET THE HOUSE SIT IN WATER DAMAGE WAITING ON AN ADJUSTER BECAUSE YOU HAVE INSURANCE*******one of the biggest requirements in the policy is that you have done everything you can as the insured to prevent further damage. NOTE:

1) Flood policy will NOT cover Additional Living Expenses....such as temporary stay and additional expenses while your house is uninhabitable!

2) Flood policy will NOT pay for loss wages experienced during this catastrophic loss.

3) No coverage for flood damages under your homeowner or renters policy.



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